Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poor Annie & Eric

I don't know the people in the picture to the left(I think it's the owners of AE Dairy) but it was the only picture I could find of Annie & Eric, the AE Dairy Cows that sit on the corner of Hubbell and University in Des Moines. They are a landmark here in Des Moines,since 1966, and last night some JACKASS hit them and then stole Eric the baby cow. I know to many of you out there you will be like...oh well who the freak cares, but seriously, if you live here in Des Moines it's something that makes you smile and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you drive by them. And it just makes me sad that someone tried to destroy them. Eric was recovered a few blocks from the scene but the spokesperson at AE Dairy does not know when they will be able to replace Eric and fix Annie's leg. I hope it will be very soon because it will just look really weird to drive by the AE Dairy plant and not have them there in full glory. I hope that they catch the JACKASS that hit and hurt Annie and Eric and that he/she has to maybe spend a little time doing hard labor on a cattle ranch or something.

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