Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's 7 a.m...what am I doing up already??

Wow...the sunrise is so beautiful. I hope you were able to enjoy it where you were waking up this morning. I'm sitting here blogging and watching the Food Network. If my father reads this he will laugh because he knows I'm not a cook. For some reason though I love watching the Food Network. Strange.

Last night I went to the Roosevelt High School homecoming game with my friend Michelle and her family. Unfortunately Roosevelt lost the game to Ottumwa. It was so much fun watching the kids though. Things haven't changed...the kids run and hang out with their friends and their parent's watch the game. The girls scream and hug each other and there are the random boys who are already interested in them. We were all laughing because we all admitted that we would have to find someone to let us know the score of the game before we went home because we knew our folks would ask.

I've started a new book. It is called "The Ladies Auxiliary" and is about an Orthodox community in Memphis, TN. It's a little slow going because I haven't really had time to read it. I love to read. Books are amazing. I've never gotten into books on tape because I'd rather hold the book in my hands.

My friend Larassa needed a pair of roller skates (from the 80's) for her latest art creation. I was home last weekend to see my folks and remembered that my old skates were in their basement. There in my old skate case were my skates with the neon orange wheels and the yellow glitter laces. I loved roller skating. It was so much fun. Every Friday and some Saturday nights we would go to the Black Hawk Rollerdrome and skate. Gosh those were simple times....

A couple weekends ago Dan and I took a little trip west on Zippy Pickle(if you haven't followed my blog that's my name for the Street Glide) and it was quite an adventure. I think Dan thinks that "Road Closed" signs do not pertain to him because this is the 2nd trip we've taken where he has ignored them. This time the consequences were not as bad as the last time but for me I was a little nervous. If you know me in "real" life, you know that I'm a little bit of a control freak, so when you are bumping down a dirt road as a passenger on a motorcycle it's a little unnerving. This is why I need my own ride.(i'm thinking of having a charity run for myself and I'd call it...the Run for Steph's Ride.) Ok so I made it through the off roading through Panora but on the way back we took another detour...We are stopped in the highway waiting to turn onto a gravel road...I'm thinking in my mind...huh...gravel?? HUH?? Well I find out the reason as we stop next to the new Ethanol plant that this is the place Dan hauled dirt from a couple days this spring. Riding with Dan is always an adventure...he is a long distance rider, rarely stopping unless he is hungry or the bike needs fuel. I try...I really do but sometimes I can't make it to the next stop...I think Harley thinks all women are skinny model chicks because the seat they give us is itty bitty! Another reason why I need my own ride. LOL.

Well it's time to start my day. Have a great weekend!

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Allen Madding said...

You SOOOO need your own ride :) I can't even imagine trying to ride on the back of most bikes. Besides, if you are in control, you don't have to endure dirt and gravl roads!??! Just say no to gravel :)