Friday, September 21, 2007

Damn Crotch Rockets Anyway!!!!

Ok...I'm a little bit upset still about what I saw last night. I'm driving home from a night out with my co-workers and a group of bikers come down the ramp onto Interstate 80. That's all cool because I love seeing a bunch of bikes traveling together...very cool site! Most of the riders were on Harleys but there was one stupid ass on a crotch rocket that decided to use the 3 lane interstate highway as his stunt lot. The traffic behind the bikes literally had to slow down so that this jerk could preform for the others he was with. I'm hoping the other riders were thinking good god almighty what a jackass, but who knows. Anyway...I probably shouldn't get all upset about this because it's this person's life that he/she is holding in their own hands but I seriously don't want to see a fellow motorcyclist die even if it is because of his/her own stupidity. So...I feel a little better. Got that off my chest.

Have a great weekend everyone! I need a Martini!! :)

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Allen Madding said...

There is always one in every crowd