Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks KT DID!

I was reading Sasha Mullin's blog "Down the Road a Peace" which I read very regularly. Sasha is one of my biker chick idols. Anyway...I ran across a posting by a KT DID and went to this blog. It's so awesome how the internet let's you meet the coolest most like minded people across the country and the world. I posted a comment to KT DID's blog because I could tell that she values her biker friends as much as I do and she just seems like she'd be a fun loving real cool chick. Well KT DID came to my site and posted a comment on my blog. And even better yet, she added a link on her page to my site. Thank you KT DID! I added KT DID's blog to my list of favorites so click on the link and check her out! Oh and KT...if you ever end up in Iowa...ha ha...let me know and we can kick back and drink a few really good Martinis and shoot the shit! LOL :)~

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Beaker said...

Always cool to find a new & interesting motorcycle blog!! Saw your comment over at KT's place and thought I would check in. Love ur work - keep it up.