Saturday, August 25, 2007

Silk N Steel MC

I love looking at MySpace pages even though I don't have one. What's up with that? HA! I ran across this group of women riders who have started their own MC called Silk N Steel. Very freaking cool! Loved the song on their page too...Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. My thoughts exactly!!! I think it is awesome how much motorcycle riding empowers females. Whatever Boys can do Girls can do better is what I always say!


KT Did said...

I have seen this site too... they are a fun looking group. I love martini's sound like you love to have fun on your Harley is grand--isn't it!? Expecially when more women are learning to love life through riding--you have a great spirit!

BobbyeKat said...

Thanks for the compliments on my old club. Nice to know it empowered even one of our kindered in the wind.

SA & Founding Member SNS MC