Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thanks for the Advice Biker Chick!!

Dan and I got up early this morning to get some riding in before it got too hot. We headed north on Highway 141 finally stopping to look at the map in a little town called Willey. I always forget how friendly small town Iowans are. I needed directions to Carroll, IA because Willey isn't on the Harley The woman I asked for directions was so darn nice I was simply amazed. We found Carroll and ventured into town before heading back and stopping at the Harley Dealership there. I had a few deja vu moments from my Sturgis trip in 2004. I don't think I've been to that part of Iowa since that trip so I had some memory flash backs. I ride with Dan because even though I have my license I can't afford a bike right now.(I'm taking donations...LMAO!!) Seriously, I do have a "Saving for my Motorcycle" piggy bank that I bought at J & P Cycles. So anyway...back to my story was sitting on a Sportster because I thought that would be a good bike to start with. There were a couple Biker Chicks that had come in and one of them walked over to me and don't want a Sportster, you will hate it after a 1000 miles. Start with the big bike. This is the second time I've heard this from a woman rider so I'm definitely taking her advice when I'm finally able to buy my dream!! I've had so many male riders tell me I don't want a Sportster but when it's coming from them you are like thinking...don't tell me what I need to get. All you ladies out there know what I mean. HA! So was great to hear from a female that she thought the Sportster was a mistake. She even let me sit on her Deluxe. It was a sweet ride. So we left there and I was having I wish I was riding my own ride pangs as we made our way to Boone. We came across a stranded couple on a Street Glide with a flat. To every biker out there...even if you have no knowledge of how the hell to fix a bike...for godsake stop and offer assistance. We stopped and you could tell they really appreciated us checking on them. I'm sure countless bikers passed em by without even giving it another thought...that's just freaking RUDE!!! It's a brother and sisterhood we have with our fellow riders and we need to stick together and support one another. Ok...I'm off track here...So we got to Boone and drove around the town for a bit. Stopped at Kum and Go and then got back on the road heading for Ames. Go Cyclones!!! Rode out to Zylstras...boring...nothing exciting going on at that dealership. LOL It was beginning to get HOT HOT HOT so we went for lunch and headed back south to Johnston. It was a great ride...I enjoyed every minute of it. I always do...each ride is a new adventure...a new journey with exciting moments all around. I seriously Live to Ride. It's in my soul. I love it!

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