Sunday, July 15, 2007

Share the Road!

I have a plea to Cage drivers...SHARE THE ROAD!!!!(for those of you that read my blog and are not motorcycle riders or passengers and don't know the biker speak...Cage = Car,Truck,Van,etc.) Don't drive right on top of us when you are behind us. Don't try to share our lane with us. If we meet on a two way street and you have to wait on the other side before you can pass by the cars on your side then don't try to go when a car goes by, don't you usually wait until they are past so you don't hit each other?? YES!!! HELL YES YOU DO!!!! Don't think you can out run a motorcycle by turning in front of us...we are coming at you faster then you think. I realize we are sometimes difficult to see but you also need to look around...don't just look in your mirrors...turn and look in your blindspots too. It could save a life!

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