Sunday, July 29, 2007

21 Shrines

For the longest time this Catholic Chick...meaning me...thought that Shrines to Mary were called Novenas. WRONG! I did a little research and the Novena is actually the prayer or prayers that you say during a 9 day period of time or something like that. OK so funny sister and her husband live in a very Catholic community in northeast Iowa. One weekend I was visiting them and we were driving around. We started counting Shrines to, two, five, ten...the three of us were laughing and marveling at all the different shrines...twelve, got to the point were we had to find just one more...we were shooting for 20 and would yell out loud when we would see another one. Kind of scary that 3 grown people were finding thrills in doing this on a Saturday night. Well before we returned to their home we had counted 21. I would have to say Tim and Margo live in a very Blessed Neighborhood with 21 Shrines to Mary watching over them.

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