Sunday, October 23, 2005

Did you forget the words to "Melt"?

As predicted I cried when they sang Skin. It is truly a touching song. Here's to You, Broken Road, Mayberry...they sang them all and sang them well. The crowd was pumped. The encore came...I'm thinking they are going to end with Melt. I love the song...what a great encore. Pour Some Sugar on Me, You Give Love a Bad Name, Born in the USA...all great songs but is this a cover band? NO...It's Rascal Flatts! The fans come to hear their songs...I was hoping to hear Melt. As a fan I don't really care if you are tired of singing it. I paid to see you and I want to hear it. Other than that disappointment, it was a very good show. Blake Shelton rocked...I'd love to see him again. He's funny, talented...oh and very tall and good looking. And newcomer Blaine Larson was good too. Here's to You Blaine, Blake and Rascal Flatts...thanks for a very entertaining evening, even though I didn't get to Melt!

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