Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Josh Kurpius Part 1 & 2 Photographer and Biker Extraordinaire

I found out about Josh Kurpius from the HD Dark Customs Blog. This guy blows my mind and he's living the life! WOW! You can also check out the blog that he works on with his 2 friends called Kemosabe and the Lodge. Enjoy...I sure did!

<strong>Josh Kurpius Part 2</strong>
Josh Kurpius Part 2


Webster World said...

Josh may be good with a camera. But standing up on a bike and in a group is only a matter of time. Don't for get Indian Larry. He claimed to be a professional. And he's dead from standing on a bike. That standing is for the movies and stunt men.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I first became aware of Josh years ago when he first started appearing in The Horse: Backstreet Choppers magazine.
His pics and writing exposes the soul of a real biker. Glad you discovered him Steph.