Sunday, February 15, 2009

Capital City Custom Cycle Show

Last weekend was the annual Capital City Custom Cycle Show. Thank you Tim, Margo, and Sydney for accompanying me to the show and for paying the $8 a piece to get in. You can tell by the line of motorcycles in the photo below that a little melting snow and sandy roads weren't going to keep the hardy Iowa Bikers from riding their scoots on this 50 degree day!

I could smell the leather as I entered the 4-H building at the Iowa State Fair Grounds. And there were Bikers everywhere I looked! You know I was in heaven. I took a few photos of the show. As I looked at the pictures, I kind of noticed a theme of the bikes that I'm drawn to. I was excited because I ran into the guys from Twisted Choppers. They came down from Sioux Falls, SD to show their choppers in the show again this year. I did a story on them after last years show and I was impressed that they actually remembered who I was. We chatted for a few minutes and then I was on my way to take some photos. Hope you enjoy the bikes that I was drawn to. I'm kind of a peanut tank, bobber lover. LOL

Had to give a little nod to the Victory Motorcycles since they are built in Spirit Lake, IA. 2009 is Victory's 10 Year Anniversary.

I know it's hard to tell but that is Big Swag(on the right) from the Speed Channel show Pass Time.

Love the Vintage Cycles...

Do you notice a theme?

Check out the rake on this Iowa Hawkeye themed Choppa! Holy lotta control you'd need to have to handle that bad boy.

A cool looking motorcycle with custom paint by Custom Paint Specialists of Des Moines, IA.

Love this little Indian! I think they may have just put an Indian sticker on this little bike but it's still cute. Does anyone know, did Indian make a little mini bike back in the day?

Check out this Cowboy inspired motorcycle. What got my attention was the saddle seat. Ride 'em Chrome Cowboy! Yee Haw!

It was hard to drag me away but Tim, Margo, and Sydney finally got me to leave the 4-H building with all the leather, bikes, and Old Dirty Bikers. As we made our way back the Suburban my thoughts wandered to another year of riding and how I can't freaking wait for Spring!

IHG xo


fasthair said...

Ms. IHG: I'm glad you made this post. I was wondering how the show went and from the looks of it there was a big turn out. Since it was such a nice day I vetoed the swap meet in favor of going for a ride instead.

I've worked on that Hawkeye bike once, a friend of mine use to own it. It was at Bikers Alley needing some carb work so I gave the guys a hand getting the dual carb set up working properly. You wouldn't be believe how much they charged the U of I to built that thing. Kind of reminds me of the song, she aint pretty she just looks that way.

I met the Big Swag once a few years ago. He and his crew was at a Harley drag race that Frog and I was at. They set Frog down for an interview that later aired on pay-per-view on MediaCom cable on one of the free channels. Since I don't have that service I never got to see it. But more then one person said it was great. They stuck the camera in my face after we lost and asked me how I felt. I said something like "we lost how do you think I feel?" Good time partying with the guys.

The white one and the red white and blue S&S chopper was built by Church of Choppers here in town. You may know Jeff Wright and company since they own Big Tomato Pizza, GT, Kung Fu Tap & Taco. S&S invited Jeff into their 50 shop 50th anniversary bike build off contest and that is the bike he built for it.

Love the vintage iron. Thanks for posting those photos. I'm just a wee bit sorry I missed it. But I really did enjoy my ride much more.


KT Did said...

Don't we love our bike shows! I just can't get enough of them. I am one for the bobbers and retro look too. Just the peanut tanks don't hold enough gas for me. That snow just looks chilly! Brrrrrr. Thanks for the inside scoop on the show.

Webster World said...

There was an Indian mini bike in the late 60's early 70's. I once could have bought a inline 4 cylinder Indian for $35 but my dad would not let me. That is the one I should have bought and hid. Sounds like you had a blast.