Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings...

Wow...did you see the moon tonight? It was amazing!

What happened to the Packers? I'm still scratching my head wondering why the Giants beat them. Guess that the Pack didn't listen to the Tim McGraw song "How Bad Do You Want It" before they went out on the field. I'm not really too excited about the Super Bowl...I mean seriously...do you think the Giants can really beat the Patriots? Ummmmmm....NO!

Heath Ledger dead at 28. How sad is that? What is with the Hollywood crowd? Will Britney be next?

I'm officially over Winter and ready for Spring!! It's 13 degrees and supposed to snow yet again. Enough already!!

It sounds like the Army Wives on Lifetime will be back on in the Spring! Can't wait! It was such a great show last year!

Ok...I'm rambled out! Night!!


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Dean "D-Day" said...

Being a life-long Packer fan living in Wisconsin, I'm still in shock. But, the way that they played, they really didn't deserve to win that game. Oh well, they're a young team and there's always next year. (I would have loved to see the Packers bury the Patriots in the Super Bowl though!)