Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crimson Dreaming!

Well it's Thursday night...I'm sitting here refreshing my e-bay auction and thinking about spring. It's getting so close. Pretty soon Zippy Pickle will be out of the garage and zipping down the road happy again! And I'll be happy again. Went to Big Barn last Saturday. Had the urge to look at the pretty bikes and continue dreaming. I'm still in love with the Crimson Red Street Bob that is back by the parts department. Sat on off of her...watched some guy looking at her and put a hex on him so he'd leave her alone. I kept thinking to's a chick color...walk away! Walked around the dealership again...sat on the Nightster...I seriously love that bike but it's not practical for what I want. Sat on a Sporty again and very much decided that I would hate it after a couple days...too little. Looked at the over priced clothing and then made my way back to her again. I stood for a moment checking her out...walking around her. Gosh she's so pretty...I would look so awesome riding her. She would look great with all the rockin' accessories I'd prettier her up with. I sat on her again...lifted her up. Imagined myself one with her and the road. I want that bike so bad. Someday I'll be on my own...the wind blowing through my hair. I'll be one with the road rather then one with the one on the road. Did you get that? I did...LOL! So anyway...It's Thursday night and I'm dreaming of that Crimson beauty yet again and wishing she was in my garage!

Think Spring! Don't forget to say a prayer for our Troops, Vets, and Fallen Heroes!



Becky said...

I don't blame you for loving the Street Bob. That was my dream bike until I decided I just couldn't pay the price. I ended up with an '07 Kawi Vulcan 900 Classic which I love. Not a Harley but it will do until I get rich. Good luck. Hope nobody else takes her home before you do.


Anonymous said...

If you keep having ebay auctions like you just did, you will have this bike before you know it! Love and pinky

KT Did said...

Think now! Get out and git her! I know, I know... its easier for someone else to say that--but you won't be sorry. My thought is to enjoy life now. I would love to meet up in Sturgis this year if you are going! We can have those martinis and look out the window at your crimson beauty!

Janet said...

I just read this post and had to smile... last year I was doing all those same things around a violet-blue 1200 Sportster (oh man, they are smaller bikes but they are MADE for twisty roads!). One day my next door neighbor shows up, knocks on my door and says "LOOKIE WHAT I JUST BOUGHT..." and there sat MY violet-blue 1200 Sportster! LOL Now I'm not sayin' mortgage the farm, but I'm just sayin'... sometimes one can wait too long and be TOO indecisive, then the deicion gets made FOR you! :)

~ Janet