Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thoughts to end 2006 with...

I'm sitting here on a cold and snowy New Year's Eve sipping a glass of champagne and thinking about a few things that I need to blog about before the end of the old year and the start of a wonderful 2007.(which will be a year of change and a year of personal growth for me. At least those are my goals!!)

I'm again saddened by the number of soldiers lost in Iraq. The death count is now at 3,000. God Bless our Troops! Let's win this thing so that they can come home!

Drew Tate...go back to Texas! It's not fair to bash Iowa just because you didn't have an awesome season. You should feel proud that you got to come to our great state and play for the Hawkeyes!!

I think it's time for Dick Clark to pass the torch officially to Ryan Seacrest. I want to remember you from the American Bandstand Days.

To Brett are one of the greats. No matter what you decide I love ya and I'm not even a Cheese Head.

To Billy Lane...although I'm disappointed in your judgement I still think you are one of the most talented Chopper Builders.

To Harley Davidson...I'm still waiting for my free 2007 Dyna Low Rider. Ok you didn't promise me one but a girl can dream that one will magically appear in her garage can't she?

To my Family and Friends....I love all of you and can't wait to make memories with you in 2007.(Mitzi and Karla...Vegas is only a little over a month away!!!) (Dan...Sturgis 2007???)

To Sasha Mullins...your book Bikerlady Living and Riding Free is awesome. Thank you!!

Let's start celebrating people's lives other than Stars. I'm so over Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie that I could scream!! And why are the stars going over seas to adopt children when there are so many here in the USA that need homes? I'm all for helping children in 3rd world countries but we need to help the children who are homeless in the United States first.

We need to boycott any awards show that celebrates stars. Why do we have them put so high on a pedestal? Their job is to entertain us. That's it...bottom line! We need to have awards shows for our Troops, our Police Officers and Firemen and women...for people who make a difference helping people, such as Teachers and Social Workers.

To Jessica Simpson...I even know the words to 9 to 5.

Ok...I think I'm getting tipsy. I better close. Thank you to everyone who touched my life in 2006. Here is to a great 2007!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!


Jamie B said...

I wish everyone felt the same as you and I, about celebrating the real heros in our country!!!
Keep up the good words.

IowaHarleyGirl said...

It's good to see that other Americans feel the same way that I do! Thanks for reading my blog!!