Sunday, December 10, 2006

Harley Girl's Sunday Morning Reflections

Well it's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here with my cup of joe, trying to decide what I'm going to do with my day. I need to finish Christmas shopping for my nephews and neice. This is a wild fact about me, I hate to shop! The only places that I ever enjoy just spending long amounts of time at are the Harley Dealerships.

This time of year is so busy. I had 2 parties and 1 studio tour event to attend last week. Made me tired. My friend LaRassa is an amazing artist. The building that her studio is in had an open studio night. I went and hung out, drank a little, and watched people with our friend Katherine. Then the 3 of us went down to Centro for pizza and cocktails. What a great restaurant. Our waitress was awesome. I love it when I go somewhere and enjoy the entire experience. It just makes it all worthwhile. Katherine and her husband Larry are leaving us the end of the week to move to NC. I'm really going to miss them. What a great couple of people!!

Last night we went to see our friends Mitzi and Todd. Mitzi asked me if I want to go with her and a friend to Vegas in February. I'm in!! I love Vegas. I'm a night owl so it's the perfect place for me. Always open...always something going on. I hope we can go down to Freemont Street to Hogs and Heifers. It's this biker bar in old Vegas that I've heard about. Can you tell my idea of fun usually revolves around something motorcycle related. Harley Shop, biker bars...ha ha!

Ok...well...better get going. It's already after 9. Need to get as much out of the day as possible. I feel like lately I live for the weekend just so I can chill out a little bit. I don't know why, when you are a kid, that you want to grow up so damn fast. If anyone wants to give me a billion dollars so that I can just chill and have fun, that would be an amazing Christmas present!! I keep thinking that I'm going to make a cardboard sign and stand down on Merle Hay and I -80 with the homeless guys, that says, "I work over 40 hours a week. I want a new Harley but I still can't afford it. Help a sister out!" LMAO....I haven't done it yet...pride gets in the way with that. And I think those homeless guys might try to beat me up. They have a pretty good gig going on at that corner.

If anyone actually reads this...LMAO...Have a great Sunday and a great rest of the month. Happy Holidays and God Bless America and our Troops!

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