Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blackberry Smoke - Come to Des Moines PLEASE!!!

Yes folks I'm pathetically pleading with Blackberry Smoke to come back to Des Moines, IA and play at the Venue or Wooly's or somewhere in town!!!  Please, Please, Please!  Des Moines needs you to visit again!

Oh and a perfect opening act for them would be Old Southern Moonshine Revival!

That is all!


IHG said...

I finally saw Blackberry Smoke in Sioux City, IA! They were AMAZING!!! But they can still come to Iowa because I for sure would go and see them again!

IHG said...

My Wish has come true. BlackBerry Smoke is playing at Wooley's in Feb 2015. Can't wait to see them again. They are my FAVORITE band, hands down! LOVE LOVE LOVE!