Thursday, August 08, 2013

Good Bye, Sturgis! Until Next Time!

Heading for home today.  I always feel some sadness when I leave Sturgis and this time is no different.  I do have to say...after 5 days in a tent at the Chip, I can't wait to sleep in a bed!  


Gary France said...

I am sure you will fall in love with your bed after five nights in a tent!

Webster World said...

You would know hey Gary. Your trip was some weeeeeeek long. And yes I'll bet she will.

Dean Bartosh said...

I hear ya!

Last year I spent 8 nights in a tent with a stick under the tent right in the middle of my back. I would have moved the tent but it took me about an hour to find a flat spot in the shade so I put up with it.

Last month, I spent 4 nights sleeping in the cab of my truck at another event. While it was better than the ground, it was still tough getting comfortable.

I'm getting too old for this crap! ;)

Amber Chavez said...

Hi, this is so random. my bf has many harleys, his favorite a 1948 harley. I want to get a new pair of riding gloves, but have NO idea what brand or type to buy. Any suggestions?? Thanks!