Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Devils Ride - Is it Real or is it Memorex?

So I said I wasn't going to watch Devil's Ride but guess what, I've been watching?  Ahhhh, Devil's Ride.   I've always been fascinated with motorcycle clubs so this show sucked me in just like Gangland always does.   I've read countless books about the Hell's Angels, the Boozefighters, the Outlaws, etc., etc., etc.  Bad Boy Bikers are just easy to want to know more about.  I secretly watch them at bike nights and motorcycle shows.(eek, now it's not a secret)  I find the whole brotherhood very intriguing. 
So back to the Devil's Ride. Oh Boy!  Really?  I realize that the Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob are a motorcycle club.  I realize they are not 1%ers.  But it's like these guys have watched too many episodes of Sons of Anarchy but haven't taken notes on how the actual motorcycle club world really works.  I'm a girl and I even know a few things about motorcycle club protocol.  There are just so many things about this show that are so unbelievable.  There is no way in hell that Snubz would be on TV admitting he was a Rat because HELLO...the guys in Sin Mob will see the show when it airs.  The prospect that had his cut taken away, um...if another club tried to take your cut you better be dead or near death if they actually take it from you.  Oh and the scene where they were going to burn off Snubz tattoo, stop stealing scenes from SOA

Can anyone in San Diego tell me, are these guys for real?  I mean come on...there is no way.  These guys have to be actors.  There is no way that any motorcycle club member, that I know, would ever be on a show like this airing the club's business.  It's like the Discovery Channel lost American Chopper and had to create something else for bikers to watch.  How about this, Discovery Channel, bring back the biker build offs!  LOVED THEM!  There have to be bike builders out there that would be on the show. 

Yes, I'll continue to watch this show just because it's too difficult for me to look away.  But I sure don't believe any of it is real!  I'll be a Laffing Diva if they show up in Sturgis to sign autographs. 


D-Day; Double D Cycles said...

The real behind the scene story is...

The Laffing Devils used to be a real MC until the Discovery Channel got a hold of them. The original Prez Gipsy basically sold out the club to the Disc Channel. He also married a law enforcement officer and then lied about getting it cleared with the MC community. So, yes he really was booted from the Devils.

Sin Mob was cooked up to give the show some drama. They're not a real MC. The trademark registration for Sinister Mob Syndicate MC is Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC. So they are only a TV MC.

The Devils were booted out of the Confederation of Clubs last year. Now, Laffing Devils MC is disbanded, and state records indicate that the Laffing Devils MC filed as an Articles of Incorporation on July 31, 2012 and may exist only as a “TV personality" now.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Canajun said...

You mean 'reality TV' isn't real? I am shocked. SHOCKED I tell you.

Thanks for the backgrounder as I had the same thoughts as IHG when I saw the show for the first time.

IHG said...

Thanks D-Day for the intel on the show. I knew it was FAKE! Thanks for confirming that for all of us! Sadly, I will still probably watch it. It's hard to look away even though it is a big old sham!

(No Name) said...

The first rule of Motorcycle Club is: you don't talk about Motorcycle Club.

I'll tell you what would be a cool show: a "Top Gear" for the motorcycle community. Bikes, rides, races, all that stuff.

Webster World said...

I watched about 5 min's if that. Yeah! Bring back BBO or something like it.

D-Day; Double D Cycles said...

It's ok if you watch it with a certain frame of mind: It's a soap opera with motorcycles in it.

Sons of Anarchy is the same way.

If you watch those shows wanting realism, you'll be disappointed and spend your time picking them apart.

Big Daddy said...

A little more info..
Gypsy was arrested for molesting and performing oral sex on his underage daughter.
One of the laffing devils is an ex HA who's "out Bad"
The writers are a child actor now grown and the other partner writes for WWE the wrestling show,,,which explains the cut scenes and out of order dramatic sequences.
And any legit MC setting fire to trailers as seen in the previews would make the news faster than the shootout at Laughlin.
The sad part of this show is that it bring old stereotypes back to life disguised as Reality..
At least SOA tells you it's fictionial.
And Yes I know I need to get back to writing....:}
Still check in every now and then though.

KT Did said...

SOA is enough for me. How about if I just come back to read about it here :)

Lady R (Di) said...

Awwwww... I'm not that disappointed, because I had the same thoughts that you did, Steph.

I guess I'll just have to stick with my other reality favorite... you know... the one that is for really real... LIZARDLICK TOWING!


Steve Johnson said...

The really sad thing is that Discovery Channel used to run some really good shows.

Amber Harrison said...

Thanks, D-Day, for referencing my article! For the rest, here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Laffing Devil's used to be a real club. I was actually a neighbor of one of them. I knew quite a few of them because they would come over to my neighbor's and we would all kick back and have a few drinks.

I can tell you when they started filming the show word went around from the HA that they would not associate with anyone who is on camera. Quite a few people left the club. I am not sure how much true reality was shown. One more thing if they burned a camper in the area that was portrayed, they would have border patrol and cops on their ass so quickly. That was definitely not a reality shot.

Hope this helps answer your question.

Tammy Conley said...

Yep you won't see the hells angels on discovery ..... I watched in disbelief also this show is FAKE MC for sure

Jim Bruneau said...

@ Big Daddy,
It is like you got half of the story, kinda semantics but if you are going to tell the story we should make sure the facts are straight:
He was arrested for forcing his underage step daughter to perform oral sex on him.
You are referring to Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff was "writers" when in fact they are producers who own, Hervery Bischoff entertainment.
Eric Bischoff never wrote for WWE as he was their main competition for a few years in the 90's. He did work for WWE for a couple years after, but only as an on air talent. Was more for Vince McMahon's ego to employ his old rival.
Other then that, you were right on point

Anonymous said...

I watched about 10 minutes of this, and it is a poorly staged, and even more poorly contrived, biker drama. Just look at the acting sequences, and the choreographed altercations. Wow, I didn't know you could have 4 camera angles, for a surprise event like that. Makes post-video editing easier; after all, it is a TV SHOW.

Poetic Vibrance said...

I started watching the first season, then googled Gypsy and found out about the arrest and investigation, that as far as i ca tell, he was never actually charged and convicted, but i might have missed something. But as soon as i read that, coupled with my watching to many documentaries on MC's after binge watching SOA - I just had to turn it off - however after Sutter's twitter war with Jason Hervey,I decided to keep in mind that it is just a show - disguised as reality and give it a second go,starting with season 2 - I like season 2 - they do not seem as comical and as unbelievable as the few episodes I watched in season 1. I like the Sin Mob addition, with Rockem and Diesel who seem authentic in nature - to me. I also have to remind myself that they are not even claiming to be 1%ers, which is one reason why this show made me laugh in season 1 - I thought 1%ers would not even be on a weekly reality tv series. Anyway, I gave it a second go, and keeping in mind it is entertainment, I am enjoying it more.

Sexy Kimmie said...

I would just like to say that either way if the Laffing Devils are a real MC club or not, i will still keep watching the show!! I enjoy watching it, even if it is fake. Snubz is fucking hot as hell!! :-)

Jayne Savage said...

As soon as they started showing their 'crimes' on tv, I knew this wasn't real. Outlaws do NOT put their faces on tv and announce their business to the world. I still watch it, it's funny as sh@t!

Secret Watcher said...

Does anyone know any of the Devil's Ride cast members real name besides RockEm?