Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aaron Lewis, Please Play Sturgis 2013

I've been checking out the Buffalo Chip website religiously to see if they've posted any new bands that will be playing the 2013 Rally but they haven't added any yet.  This seems like a good sign to me that maybe I can get the Chip to get Aaron Lewis to play the rally this year!!  My ultimate Sturgis concert would be Shooter Jennings, Kid Rock, and Aaron Lewis, especially if they all play the same night! 

Aaron Lewis, if you see this post, PLEASE PLAY THE STURGIS RALLY THIS YEAR!!!!! 

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Webster World said...

Hope you get your wish. Kid Rock too. Was out riding a few years back stopped in this bar to have one and there he sat. Shocked him when I said "Hey Richie." and kept walking. I think he respected that. Wanted to stop and talk a bit. But those folks need to be left alone. Besides it's his hang out. Thats why we really stopped. Did not think we'd really see him.