Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Look into the Life of IHG - One or Two Questions at a Time

Was there something specific that drew you into the motorcycle lifestyle?

I first noticed motorcycles in Jr. High.  It looked like so much fun that I couldn't wait to ride on one but my Mom forbid me from catching a ride with anyone.  She said to me..." I better not ever have to come to the morgue to identify your body because you road on one of those things."  Well needless to say in high school I got my first ride on the back of a crotch rocket in the rain.  The entire ride down University Avenue, the words of my Mom repeated over and over in my head.  As you can see I'm still living.  I caught rides now and then from guys I dated.  It was just something fun at the time. 

I remember thinking that this one chick in high school was so freaking cool.  She would ride her motorcycle to school.  She was such a rebel chick and no one messed with her.  And I'd see the SOS around town and thought they looked so badass with their colors on.  The individuals I saw in my home town that road motorcycles were just so different then the people I was used to being around.  They all seemed more free and less uptight about life.  They weren't the "normals".   

It wasn't until I moved to Des Moines that I really got into motorcycles again.  My previous life never went in that direction.  After Dan and I moved to Des Moines, I discovered our apartment was right next to this place called Porky's.  They had bike nights every Thursday night during the summer.  I would wander over and admire all the beautiful motorcycles and I felt at home with all the leather clad patrons.  After my trip with my friend Kristen to Sturgis in 2004 I was totally hooked again.  I came home and talked Dan into buying our first Harley. 

This is kind of fun!  If there are any questions you've been wanting to know about me either leave it in comments or send me an e-mail to

I love finding cool motorcycle videos.  This one made me smile!  Looks like these Cats are having a SWELL time!  :)


Pat Savage said...

Excellent story! I could write a song about this girl! I'm doin my best to post everyday so hope to see you more often!


Anonymous said...

My question to you is this:
Hawkeyes or Cyclones?

IHG said...

If they play each other...Cyclones. Any other time I'm just happy if they win! :)