Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sinister - The Bad Boy or Girl Wheel

Well folks it's 2011 and you might have some Christmas Cash burning a hole in your pocket. What better way to spend it then by adding some bling to your favorite form of transportation. If that bling is new wheels for your chrome horse then you will want to check out Sinister Wheel.

Their gallery of wheels is certainly impressive.
The Bad Boy Series
The Black Series
Billet Daddy
Big Daddy

Sinister Wheel has also created a very cool IDASH that will keep your IPOD secure and easily accessible for your longest rides.

If you have facebook you can find Sinister Wheel and "LIKE" them! Or if you are more into Twitter you can follow them there.

If you live in the freezer like I do during the winter months you are probably checking out sites just like Sinister Wheel. I sure have been and I'm dreaming of riding again in a few months. Happy 2011 to you all! Hope to see you on the road this year!


Rhonda said...

Ha, I live in a freezer half the year also! I have to spend my time dreaming of warmer weather and better riding days! Happy New Year to you also.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too Steph. Hope this is a great year for everyone and we all get lots of wind in our faces. Ride safe, dan

GYMONR said...

pretty much riding year round here in Mississippi, nice rims.
Big Al

Judy LaParne said...

Amen to that!! Im hopping to buy a new bike this year since I put the ape hangers on mine and now I dont feel comfortable riding it. I would take them off but my hubby just loves them. So, he sold his bike and he's taking mine. This didnt work out quite like I had planned..;)
Looking forward to LOTS of posts about your rides.
Happy New Year to you, as well, darlin.

B.B. said...

Beautiful stuff, too bad I don't have any Christmas money to spend. ;)
Happy New Year Steph!

Baron's Life said...

A bit too flashy for my taste...prefer regular wheels on my bike...any day...but hey that's just me

Canajun said...

They do look beautiful, but I have trouble keeping 9 spokes clean; 80 would just do me in.

So no new wheels with Xmas cash, but a few other goodies on the way!

And here's hoping for a fantastic 2011 for you and yours Stephanie, with lots of great riding (new wheels or not).

Cynthia said...

Happy 2011 to you and to the readers of this blog. Those are really great wheels. I think by the middle of this year, I am gonna have to change wheels.