Monday, February 15, 2010

Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show

Finally something biker related enters my life like a warm breeze blowing through my hair. The Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show was a much needed oasis from the 52+ inches of snow that we've had since December. As I walked through the doors of the 4H building I breathed in the smell of leather, I saw the beautiful motorcycles, and I spotted other bikers who needed this relief probably as much as I did. I've attended this show for a few years and I'd have to say I was most excited about it this year.

Dan and I spotted Big Swag at a table, signing autographs. Brett Wagner aka Big Swag is the host of the Speed Channels show Pass Time. He is also in a new movie called The Crazies which will be released on February 26th.

There were some great looking bikes as there always are every year.

I especially liked these two choppers by Siouxicide Choppers out of Sioux City, IA. Check out the tank on the one...Full...1/2...F&%k. Very original!

I talked to two of the nicest bikers I've probably ever met, Doug and Dave. They were at the show promoting their club, Mid Iowa Star Chapter 210. They both were so passionate about their club that for an instant I started thinking about becoming Iowa Star Girl. I erased that from my thoughts quickly but dang, those guys rocked! Seriously, if you are looking for an organization to join they are ranked right up there in my book. They both joked that they are a photography club with a motorcycle problem and they proved it with the great photos in the calendar I purchased from them. Anyway...can't say enough good things about those guys and the enthusiasm they both had about riding and their club! Thanks for making me smile! I was walking on cloud 9 at that point of the afternoon. I love when I find people with the same passion about motorcycling as I have. I walked a few steps down the aisle and stopped at the Abate of Iowa District 4 booth. As I'm walking away these ladies from Abate say to me, Are you Stephanie, Iowa Harley Girl? I was stunned for a minute. Yes...Yes I am. WOW!!! I've never actually had someone ask me if I was, so I was a little thrown off for a second. They thanked me for the great post I did on their toy run that I rode in a couple years back. I have to tell you that topped my day, so Thanks Ladies from Abate District 4.

This bike touched my heart. It's a tribute to all of the Men and Women from Iowa that have lost their lives serving our country.

The swap meet was bigger then I remembered it being in past years. Maybe because this year I was actually looking for the bottom covers for my passenger foot boards. No luck.

I'd like to thank Dan for tagging along with me. He doesn't enjoy this kind of stuff as much as I do. I bought some new stickers for my helmet, including one that says TROUBLE and one that says WHATEVER! I also purchased a POW-MIA t-shirt that I will proudly wear this summer. Support your local Vietnam Vet M/C. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see Possum from the Circle of Pride M/C. I wanted him to autograph my I RIDE video.

I had a great time and can't wait for the riding season to get here! I truly miss riding. I'm sure many of you out there agree. This has been the craziest winter I've seen in years. Thanks Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show for helping this biker chick quench her motorcycle thirst!

Other upcoming events in Iowa...
B.A.D. Ride Chili Cook-Off @ Porky's Pub in Des Moines on February 27th. Go to BadRide for more information.
Bike Down to I Town is the 3rd Friday of each month from April to September. Go to Bike Down to I Town for more information.
Iowa Thunder Run is May 23. The ride begins in the Southridge Mall parking lot in Des Moines at 1pm.
The Freedom Rally in Algona, IA is July 1,2,3. For more information go to Abate of Iowa.
Newton Professional Firefighters' Fun Run for Blank Children's Hospital is July 24th starting at the Izaak Walton League. For more information contact the Newton Fire Department.


motoroz said...

Looks like it was a great event. I love the tribute bike.

Janet/Corn Dog said...

Haha Steph, we should start the RFB Club (Recognized From Blogging...1) It's happened to me too and I have to say, it absolutely made my day! :) Great photos, as always, and YES I think we ALL needed the swap meet as much as you did!

Motor-head Lady said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics and congrats on being "recognized", that must have given you a little thrill :-)
We haven't had near the same amount of snow as you all have, but I have Spring fever so bad now! I look out the window at my poor Cougar hibernating under her cover and literally count the days until the sun starts climbing higher and stays longer!
Thanks again for the great post.

chessie said...

Steph, I am also looking forward to finding such an event to help tramp down the fires.

It's amazing when we are recognized for our work...feels good?

Great story Steph, I'm glad to have found it. Snow sucks.

Ken said...

Fans recognize you in real life ... you're an Internet celebrity! I agree that there's nothing like a bike show to boost the spirits of us riders who are forced to park the bike come winter (I just reviewed my local bike show on my blog). You did a great review, excellent pictures (I especially like the one of the bike with the orange gas tank and fuel level sight glass).

Willy D said...

A bike show and swap meet in the snow. Why not. Can’t ride, so settle for second best. That looked like a pretty big meet for being in the middle of a corn field ;)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Ha Ha! I love the Full, 1/2, Fuck! gas tank!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Good to see you're getting some mid-winter relief. Thanx for the pics!