Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Season 2 Time for More Bad Boy Action!!! SOA is back!

OMG...I can hardly wait! It's time for Tig and the gang from SOA to start another Season of Sons of Anarchy!

Make sure you visit http://www.rippin-kitten.com/ for all the dirt on the show. Lizzie has been covering the Sons of Anarchy since Season 1 began. She has all the inside scoop about our favorite Bad Boys and Girls!


B.B. said...

I am so sad right now, no cable, no internet at home. I will have to come to the coffee shop after hours to watch, but at least I'll be able to watch.

GYMONR said...

I almost missed it...but found it just as it started...love the show.
Big AL

Liz (Rippin-Kitten) said...

Whoo! Thx lady!

What did you think??

Anonymous said...

I saw it, did live up to my expectations because I was so jacked up to see it. Took a while to get the new enemy into the story, but eventually it picked up.

Anonymous said...

Finally was off on a night that SOA was on. I only caught half an episode but damn it was good. Now if I can find someplace online to see the first season and all the shows this year.

Miss Ya Sis,