Friday, March 13, 2009

Sasha Mullins - Gotta Roar!!!!!!

Let's hear a big huge shout out for Windsisters everywhere! Here is a great song by Sasha Mullins to get you in the Motorcycle Soul mood!!!

Gotta Roarrr!!!!


Baron's Life said...

Let's Roar Baby....
Just love it
Shows a lot of passion and what riding an iron horse is all about.
Go Roaring Go...!!!

Willy D said...

Great song! I loved the shot with “It’s all in the curves” written on the ground.

S a s h a said...

Precious HarleyGirl! Thank you for posting my little video. This was originally created for Harley-Davidson's female filmmaker contest. The song is actually 3:30 minutes long but we edited to two minutes to accomodate the rules. We had so much fun making it. We made it with NO budget which made it even more creative : ) We're finishing this song now and it will be included in my forthcoming album. I'm really excited about this music project. It's been a long time coming. The show is going to be spectacular too. My art is a gift to the world ... I realize that motorart is my purpose...or shall I say the vehicle that makes my dreams come true, but more importantly than ever, inspires others to s'mile and rock their own throttles in life. I love the motorcycle culture and I love the road. My motorcycle has been the greatest blessing in my life because she has opened doors and ridden down barriers like no other. It's like the bike is dialed into the soul and heart of the rider so much so that it becomes your life partner, too. I'm really honored that you took the time to post this video and you have an awesome blog here. Lots of roadacious love and ridelicious joy to you and all, Sasha

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm kinda surprised it's taken you this long to get some of Sasha's music and video up on your blog.

I'm trying to hook her up with some gigs this summer for Summerfest and the Milwaukee Rally. She's truly an amazing woman!

"Joker" said...

That just absolutely, totally rocked, kicked-ass, and cranked me right up!!! Sasha is really cool, and I love her bike. It's amazing how different a Sporty looks raked out like that with a set of apes - just awesome. The music, the ladies, the just can't beat it! I hope we get to meet her in Sturgis!