Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Morning Walk

Saturday morning it was cold and crisp outside. Great weather for an early morning walk. I drove down and parked my car near the entrance to the trail in Johnston. The first amazing thing that I saw were two military choppers,chinooks is what I think they are called, coming in from the East. Camp Dodge is located in Johnston so there is always a lot of military activity going on all the time. I stood frozen watching the choppers approach, looking up at them as they flew directly over me. Not sure if they saw me but I raised my arm and waved. I knew that this was going to be a great morning walk. Wish I would have remembered I had my camera phone so I could have got a picture as they flew over.

I placed my earpieces in my ears and cranked my favorite walking tunes. I love listening to this pod cast called Podrunner. It's upbeat and sets me in motion for my power walk. The trail that I take has amazing sites that you wouldn't think you'd be seeing in the city. One house along the way has two goats that always make me laugh. There are a couple more homes that have horses which are beautiful creatures. Sometimes I stop and just watch them for a few minutes.

Months before I'd noticed that the city was lengthening the trail to go under Interstate 80. It was finally completed so I decided to see where the new trail went. It wrapped around and took me right to the Interstate. I stood for a long time and watched the cars, SUVs, and Semi trucks pass by. It's so much fun having new adventures along the way. I'm a little sad though because my trail walking will be coming to an end once the snow appears. The trail is closed during the winter months.

While I was walking back to my car I looked down and noticed how long my shadow looked. I've always wished I was taller and my shadow definitely was on Saturday.

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KT Did said...

Walks are always a good refresher for the brain. I think I will steal your idea and take a shadow of my 4'11" frame and keep it in my pocket to pretend I am taller than I am when I need the extra inches. Ha!